Gangala Warehouse

Configure Preloaded Products

Seller can Configure the Preloaded Products in the following easy steps.

Log in to the Seller Account

After registration, Log in to the seller portal and to to the seller Dashboard. In Seller Dashboard navigate to the "Marketplace products".  [Seller Dashboard > Seller Console > Market place Product]

By default the Marketplace products will show the no product loaded in the System. 

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Preload Products

Now seller can navigate to Preload Products. [Seller Dashboard > Products > Preload Products] and a Pop up with the Products Category will show up.

Here we can click on the Create button to Preload Products.

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Approval of the Products

After creation, the Seller can see all the preloaded products under [Products > Non-Approved] Products. [With State as Draft]

Now seller can edit the Required Information [Unit Price, Website Category] of the Products based on requirements and send it for Approval. [Gangala team will Approve the same]

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Approved Products

Once the Products are approved, Seller can see those product in the Marketplace Products.

Also in the same screen seller will be  able to see any products Rejected or Pending for the Approval.

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