Gangala Warehouse


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In matter of minutes you will be able to set up your DIGITAL STORE , where customers can come and BUY or place RESERVATIONS.

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We provide you FREE LEADS, so you can INCREASE your customer base, and REACH of your business to more people 

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We handle everything from PAYMENTS to DELIVERY for you, while you FOCUS on GROWING your business, 



Online Store

Your very own online store, where you can list and sell products and services you offer. 

Easy to setup in less than 5 minutes!


Live Chat Bot 

A Scripted CHATBOT for your business to answer all your customers questions and queries while you are busy.

The CHATBOT can also receive order requests and process orders automatically for you! 

Once your register, the CHATBOT goes live automatically for you.


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Voice Assistant

We give you a personalised voice assistant that can take commands to chat with customers as well help you complete tasks that you have pending on our platform. 

We offer multiple languages. 

Unified Communications Channel

Our technology lets you communicate with your customers on all their favourite channels. 

All communications happen in one place! So no more switching between multiple apps to be in touch with your customers

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Bid on Live Auctions


While you are running your daily business, we help you increase your sales with inbound leads! 

Know what your customer is looking for and bid the best price to win their business! 


Lead Generation

Yes that is right! While you run your business and attend to your existing customers we will help your generate more business with leads! 

Leads can come through auctions, or directly to your online store! 

Let us help you grow your business! 

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Interactive Video Shopping

Connect directly with your customer with video and show them your products and services. 

Save time for your business and your customer by showing them directly the product they would like, and decrease the chances of returns!


Video Broadcasting


A new way or marketing your products to all your customers, and potential new customers!

We let you do live streams of products and services, where this can be shown at your preferred places and our partner locations as well! 


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Payments and Delivery


While you are running your business we make it easy for you by providing:

Payment Collection:
We have partnered with payment gateways, so you can now receive payments from your customers digitally!

With our last mile delivery partners we handle all the headache of delivery and returns!

Purchase Order Financing

We are not here only to help you with sales, we also help you manage your business finances and offer you loans to buy more product so you can meet the demand from the increased business we get you!

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Collective Purchasing

We are creating a network of distributors and wholesalers, so we can offer our partner stores the best prices!